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Wynne, P. (1994). Twelve dinosaur bookmarks. New York; London, Dover: Constable.

Xephon, p. (1993). The dinosaur myth: why the mainframe is the cheapest solution for most organizations. Newbury, Xephon plc.

Yates, A. (2002). Dinosaurs. London, Collins.

Yolen, J. and M. Teague (2003). How do dinosaurs say good night?. London, Collins Picture Lions.

Yolen, J. and M. Teague (2004). How do dinosaurs get well soon?. London, Collins.

Young, A. M. (1992). Death of a dinosaur: the rise and fall of the British domestic medicine chest.

Young, J. (2002). Dinosaurs. London, Big Fish.

Young, S. (1999). My favourite word book: chocolate, dinosaur, sea, socks. London, Orion Children's Books.

Zallinger, P. (1977). Dinosaurs. New York, Random House.

Zallinger, P. (1986). Dinosaurs: and other prehistoric animals. London, Kingfisher.

Zangerl, R. (1948). The vertebrate fauna of the Selma formation of Alabama. [Chicago], Chicago Natural History Museum.

Zim, H. S. (1963). Dinosaurs, World's Work.

Zindel, P. (1999). Raptor. London, Hodder Children's.

Zoehfeld, K. W. (2001). Dinosaur parents, dinosaur young: uncovering the mystery of dinosaur families. New York, Clarion Books.

Zwemmer, D. and M. Natural History (2004). Dinosaurs: a first board book. Bromley, Picthall & Gunzi.

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